House of Divine Mercy

Home for girls and women with special needs

Casa Misericordia cares for girls and women in Situations of Disability and in social situations of extreme poverty. There are currently 17 women; some have visual, hearing, mental, intellectual disabilities, and Down syndrome. Before coming to us through DINAF many lived on the streetswith no one to look after them.


There is a small shed for laying hens where they entertain themselves by collecting eggs and also watering the garden. They attend the special school that is located in the Girls' Home and carry out recreational activities.

Good Shepherd Project

The Buen Pastor project serves adolescent mothers, ages 12 to 15, who have been victims of sexual abuse and have become pregnant. They are given protection before, during and after having their baby, letting them know that they are very important girls to God. They receive permanent psychological care due to their trauma. They attend school, college and church. They are taught to love their babies and take care of themselves.

"Not all are completely crazy, nor are all completely complete."

-said by one of our special needs girls

"We named the project Casa Divina Misericordia, because I when would see them in the street and speek with them, my prayer was 'Lord, may someone please have mercy on these people'"

- Mami Carmen

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