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The Board of Directors

Spiritual formation

Angél Castillo

(tio Lito)

Chairman of the Board of Directors

The president of Hogar's board of directors, Ángel Castillo, (′ ′ Don Lito ′ ′) is shown here at Hogar ...

Carol Restaine

Vice President of the Board of Directors

Hi, I'm Carol and I live in Honduras near Hogar Nazareth. I have known Mamí Carmen and the Home for more than 20 years ...

Gabriela Maria Bulnes Vides

Secretary of the Board of Directors

Hello, my name is Gabriela Maria Bulnes Vides. I met the Nazareth Home when I was 7 years old, my grandmother took me, we went to deliver clothes, toys and food for the children ...

Heydi Hernández

Member of the Board of Directors

Greetings of peace and blessings, I am Heydi Rosibel Hernández Hernández, Doctor by profession, yet I work as a Councilor of the Mayor of Comayagua. I am passionate about volunteering! ...

Padre Ricardo Roemer CFR

Spiritual Chaplain and support in the Sponsor program

Father Ricardo has been supporting spiritually at Hogar Nazareth and brings experience of different ministries with young children in the USA and elsewhere ...

Padre Gregorio Wierzba CFR

Spiritual Chaplain

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My name is Father Gregorio Wierzba. I am a priest of the Community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal (CFR) ...

Leydi Velasquez

Volunteer in Religion Formation

I am a volunteer with the Home for Girls. And all the girls have amazed me. A story...


Belky Canales

Coordinator of the Sponsor program

I am a volunteer and I am happy to be able to collaborate with this project. Seeing the faces of these children, ...

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