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Frequently Asked Questions


How to Sponsor a Child at Hogar Nazareth

Welcome to the sponsorship program at Hogar Nazareth.

Sponsoring a child is a small but significant way of bringing together two worlds and giving these children a wider sense of relational as well as financial support.

As a sponsor, you have an important role in adding to their security.  Monthly sponsorship is the most helpful way to provide stable support for these children, although any form of help is greatly appreciated.  Donations in the United States are tax-deductible through the organizations we are partnering with, as explained below.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

How will my donation be used?

100% of your donation to Hogar is used to provide for basic needs such as food, medicine, supervision, education, and recreation.

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Do I choose a specific child?

Although each child is unique, we have divided the sponsorship into three categories – (1.) small children, (2.) high school or university students, and (3.) children and adults with disabilities. You may choose one of these categories. On the Sponsor Information Form, you will also have the option to choose ‘I don’t have a preference’. We will match you with a child based on your selection. Then, we will send you an introductory letter with the child’s name, age and additional information about the child.  For more information about these categories, please select an option below:

What does it cost?

We estimate the cost of providing for each child to be $150 per month. There are four sponsorship levels. Full sponsorship level is designated “Tio” (Uncle/Aunt), with a commitment of $150 per month. Partial sponsorship levels include: “Hermano” (Brother/Sister) at $100 per month, “Primo” (Cousin) at $50 per month and ‘Amigo’ (Friend) at $25 per month.”
Regardless of level, you will be matched with a child.

How does my donation get to you from the USA?

We are collaborating with two charitable (501.c3) organizations in the United States. They are:

Hearts Touching Hearts Foundation
1147 N. Community Drive
Jupiter, Florida 33458


United Sphere Foundation
PO Box 140592
Grand Rapids, MI 49514

** Please Note:
Do not send donations through All God’s Children Honduras. They stopped supporting Hogar Nazareth in March 2020. The easiest way to sponsor a child is by credit card using the form below, which will go to the Hearts Touching Hearts foundation and then be transferred to us. You can also use a credit card on the United Sphere website. Again, if you prefer to send a check to either foundation, please write Hogar Nazareth in the memo line and send it to the address listed above.

Will I be able to communicate with the child I am sponsoring?

The child you are sponsoring will write to you at least a few times each year.  We will scan their letters and send them by e-mail.  You can also write to them by sending an e-mail to, which we will print out for them.   Because of safety issues with minors, this is the preferred route of communications.    If you wish to visit us someday, you may organize a trip through the United Sphere Foundation.

How long does the sponsorship last?

We encourage you to commit to sponsor your child for at least one year. Our hope is that you will continue your friendship with, and support of, your child for many years. In most cases, the children are required by Honduran law to move out of the Hogar when they reach 18 years of age. Our goal is to recruit solid Honduran families to match with each child, when they reach age 16 or 17, in order to form a relationship with the child. This provides the child with relational support outside of the Hogar when they leave at age 18. Some of the children plan to continue their studies at the University. If your child leaves the Hogar, we will let you know. We hope that you would also let us know if you are no longer able to continue sponsoring your child.

Sponsorship Process:

Please fill out the sponsorship information form below. This information will only be used by Hogar Nazareth for the purpose of our sponsorship records.  Below this form is more information about payment.


May the Lord bless you greatly through this connection with His beloved children!


For further information, please contact us at

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