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Make a Donation Now
There are two options to do it

To use your debit or credit card:

"Thank you God for the beautiful place you have given me, I have never had one like it."

-a child the day he entered HOGAR


To donate by mail:

Or if you prefer you can write a check to one of the foundations from the US

who are helping us:

  • Write the check to  'Hearts Touching Hearts Foundation' and  in the Memo area, write 'Hogar Nazareth' and send it to:

Hearts Touching Hearts Foundation
1147 N. Community Drive
Jupiter, Florida 33458
  • Or write the check to 'United Sphere' and in the Memo area write                  'Hogar Nazareth' and send it to:

United Sphere
PO Box 140592,
Grand Rapids, MI  49514
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