Gabriela Maria Bulnes Vides

Secretary of the Board of Directors

Hello, my name is Gabriela Maria Bulnes Vides, I am the secretary of the Board of Directors. I met Hogar Nazareth when I was 7 years old. My grandmother took me there and we went to deliver clothes, toys and food for the children.

I was born and raised in Comayagua, behind the counter of my parents' pharmacy. In this place, in addition to discovering my passion for Chemistry, it was where I learned the joy of service to others, especially for the poor and helpless; It was common for my parents to receive small assignments, such as cleaning the wounds of a patient or delivering food to the needy. During my childhood and adolescence I was by given the witness of my parents of my grandmother in their philanthropic activities. When I returned to Comayagua after the years of university and other years of work, I began to work at the Autonomous University of Honduras, a job that takes community service as part of the job, and little by little I got involved in the activities both personal philanthropic and those carried out through university projects.




When I was proposed to be part of the board of directors of Hogar Nazareth I did not think twice, since I have always said that if my hands can serve I will put them at the disposal of others, and the talents that our Heavenly Father has given us will be multiplied by serving; and of course ""He who does not live to serve, does not deserve to live", Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

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