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Leydi Velazquez

Volunteer in Religious Formation

I am a volunteer with the Home for Girls. And all the girls have amazed me. A specific story, for protection I will call her, Mariana, she is a little girl who came to the Home, because her mother has special abilities so she was not suitable to care for her daughter Mariana, who was conceived through abuse. The mother was also treated in another center, where Mariana had and has access to visit her and to continue their relationship as mother and daughter.


She is a young woman now that she has overcome this identity crisis in her life. She is a very resilient person, since she was always aware of what happened in her history, which she decided to change for a better one, always counting on the support of Hogar and Mami Carmen.




Today she is someone who leads academic excellence, and wants to be a good professional, with excellent values ​​and principles. When sharing her testimony, she said, "my strength and my motivation is my mother". Although many times her mother is not aware of her condition, Mariana is, and she does everything out of love for her mother.


This case impacted me, because it made me see the heart full of love that the girls and young women who are part of this home have. Just like her, they all fight and carry similar stories. One can learn from them that a soul that has suffered has a greater sensitivity to the pain of the other, and a greater capacity to love, and to forgive.


She reminded me that in our vulnerability it is when God takes us, totally, that He can heal and transform us, she like many others are for my sign of the redemptive love of Christ.

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