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Misioneras Nazarenas

Asociación Hogar Nazareth recently began a long term volunteer program, called ¨Misioneras
Nazarenas,¨ (or MINAZ), to help at the home for girls. We invite Spanish-speaking women who are at
least 21 years old, with the desire to help children, to grow spiritually and humanly, and to provide a
Catholic environment of faith, hope and love.

How they live and what they do?

The Missionary Nazarenes live at the girls home, helping them with educational, occupational, and
normal daily activities. They also work the women with disabilities at Casa Misericordia. The MINAZ
program includes the opportunity for daily Mass and prayer, and the flexibility for using personal talents and developing new ones. The Misioneras Nazarenas serve under the guidance of the Director of the Girls Hogar. They participate in periodic meetings for formation, as well as days of retreat.

Basic needs and Health

Food and housing is provided by Asociacion Hogar Nazareth, and basic health care needs will be
provided for at the San Benito José Medical Center. The volunteers are responsible for their own travel and other costs. In some cases, a small stipend may be provided.


The MINAZ program requires a full year commitment, usually starting in February or August, so as to not have a continual change of people attending the children. The first month is understood as a time of probation for both AHN and the volunteer, to discern whether to continue for the year

Do you want more information to learn how you can help?

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