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Children and Adults with Disabilities

by Hogar Nazareth


I praise you because I am an admirable creation!
Your works are wonderful,
and I know this very well!

Psalm 139:14

Be part of our Great Nazarene Family

by Sponsoring our Children

and Adults with Disabilities


Children and Adults with disabilties: The smiles of our children and adults with disabilities teach us a lot. The meaning of life is found in love, and each life has an integral value.

Needs: They require special support. Their education takes place in the "Abuelo Jerry School" which is located in the facilities of the Main Home for girls and young people, made especially for special education. Special training Aunts and Uncles are required. And many occupy special drugs.


Life: They are very cheerful and happy boys, girls, youth and adults. They know how to give true love. When they are not in school, they are incorporated into activities according to their abilities: watering gardens, taking care of chickens and collecting eggs. His coexistence with the rest of the children, girls and young people is normal. They participate in all the domestic activities that are within their reach. They love to dance, they are the ones who enjoy parties the most. They are also very appreciative and appreciative when they have a plate of food on their table.

Caring for those who cannot take care of themselves is a very precious gift and service.
It is certain that Jesus spoke of them when he said, "what you did to one of my brothers even smaller, you did for me"
Matthew 25:40
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