Father Gregorio Wierzba, C.F.R.


My name is Father Gregorio Wierzba. I am a priest of the Community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

(CFR). Of Polish origin, I have been living outside my country for years. Years ago, the good Lord, through my community called me to serve her people here in Honduras. From day one, when I arrived in the country, I felt in love with her beauty. Seeing myself surrounded by such beautiful nature I thought that he also has living

here very nice people. I was right. However, as in any country in the world, in which I have lived until now,

also here, in the midst of so much beauty, there is so much suffering. Suffering due to lack of resources, basic economic factors that affect the majority of the Honduran population.


As in any other country in the world, here there are also those who suffer for other reasons. When I find myself

with the boys and girls, young people of Hogar Nazareth, I realize how wonderful they are. Despite so many

challenges they have had to face in their short life, they keep alive the hope that the world can still be better. Sometimes I was surprised to see them so happy and smiling, and knowing a little better their own past pains, they hardly seemed real to me. How, indeed, could they smile, carrying these burdens? However, I know that their joy and pain coexist in a mysterious way in their lives. My mission is to be as close as possible to them so that I can help them within my means. Covid-19 made our Franciscan presence in the Home almost impossible, but it did not nullify our efforts in favor of the Home and its true treasures.


The Nazareth Home was not founded by us friars. However, it is very close to our convent, and for this and other reasons everyone who lives there are our neighbors. We love you with all our hearts.

Hopefully those of you who are far from Honduras can become neighbors of these children, even more so, their friends and benefactors helping them to grow in every aspect.


For my part, I can say that my visits to the Home have always been for me a call from God. And I did not always feel like someone who taught children, but also someone who had to learn a lot from them: to smile despite everything, and believe that despite everything that life is worth living and lived in abundance (cf. John 10,10).

Praise Jesus Christ.

Father Gregorio Wierzba, CFR


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